My journey started back when I was a little girl helping my grandmother care for the little babies at her in home daycare. I didn’t know then that this was my calling, but looking back it’s evidently clear. Fast forward to 2014, I was working in an OB/GYN office as a phlebotomist and I was absolutely fascinated by pregnancy. I began to dive into educating myself about all things pregnancy & birth. It was then that I learned what a Doula is, how beneficial they are, and the lasting impact they can have for a woman's birth experience.   


About a year later going through my first pregnancy I felt this empowerment and connection with my body, as well as my partner and my child. Through my first birth experience, I was grateful to have my own doula there to nurture me and my husband, and to keep us educated and balanced throughout it all.


The word “doula” is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘woman caregiver’, and in my practice I offer support to women and their partners before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, the resources, emotional support and physical support needed during this time. My hope and mission is that you embrace your pregnancy & body, your labor and birth, and your precious baby in your arms.  I will help guide you through a journey filled with confidence, belief in yourself, and love. During the days & weeks following your birth, I will be there to support you in all the ways a mother should be supported during that time. From a warm meal, foot massage, breastfeeding support, light housekeeping, sibling help, & overnight care to help you rest as your body heals.


To learn more about me and what services I can offer you, please contact me anytime.

Haley Fisher, Hampstead Doula