• Haley Fisher

As Your Doula...

As your Doula, I sacrifice, willingly sacrifice. There are some who go to their 9-5 jobs and complain. They aren’t happy with how they spend their days, yet do nothing to make a change or progress forward towards a change. That is not I as your Doula. I need you to recognize that and listen to that. Trust that I willingly sacrifice my time away from my family to support you & yours because I LOVE being your Doula. When I'm with you & your family, I'm there fully. Trust that my family at home, though while I know they miss me; they support me and my career as your Doula. OF COURSE, I miss them too, I mean don’t even get me started on “mom guilt”. All moms have it- no matter how much you love what you do, in some way, form, or fashion it likes to try and rear it's ugly self. Let’s just be real about that. It’s how we process, let go, & grow from the cloud of guilt that tries to consume us. Okay I digress…

As your Doula, I’m aware. Highly aware. Aware of energy, mine & yours. I feel the vibrations. I trust my intuition in all human to human interactions, situations that might arise, & decisions. My awareness is high because in order to be my best self as your Doula, I CHOOSE to protect my space & who + what I allow in it.

As your Doula, I take care of myself. However, I am human too and some days are easier than others. I learned throughout the last couple of years the immense value of a good self care routine. I take care of my mind, body, & spirit through meditation, exercise, earth grounding, personal development, my nutrition, & other various things that make me happy. That’s a portion of what I do personally to show up & be what I consider to be my best self as your Doula. Every Doula is different in how we choose to care for ourselves in our demanding lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that one is better than another though because of what they do or don’t do. Living the demands of Doula life can take a toll, so as your Doula I am deeply passionate and intentional about how I protect my space for you & yours.

As your Doula, I do my best, but I am human. I don’t know all the answers and will be honest when I don’t while I eagerly pull in all resources & mentors to learn more. I am educated & am always pouring myself into continuing my education. Birth & babies are unpredictable. Weather is unpredictable. Illnesses & death are unpredictable. I am always trying to do my best under any and every circumstance beyond my control. You & yours matter to me.

As your Doula, I care deeply. I am an Empath and only until about a year ago did I learn that there was a name for what I have felt my whole life. So when you look into my eyes after you’ve been laboring hard for 23 hours exposed, exhausted, & uncomfortable- I FEEL IT WITH YOU, FOR YOU, AROUND YOU. When you birth your baby & pull him up to your chest for the first time, the joy & relief that engulfs you, I feel it with you, for you, around you. All the feels...I hold a space for you that’s honestly indescribable and in that a beautiful bond between us can be and is born. It is sacred to me. YOU are special to me. Our human connection is powerful & I am grateful for you. I am honored to be your chosen Doula. I learn something new with each & every birth I support and I grow. To my past, present, & future clients this is dedicated to you & yours.


Your Doula,


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