"Haley was such an asset to myself and my husband during the entire pregnancy, labor, delivery as well as postpartum. She provided so much than just support, she was a wealth of knowledge, techniques and comfort measures so we could achieve the natural birth I desired. I would never even consider going through the process of having s child again without a doula! Haley is a wonderful doula and I'm glad people like her exist in this world."

Morgan G.

"Haley was so genuine and in tune with my needs before, during and after labor! She not only coached me, but also my husband, in a compassionate and humble manner. I didn’t realize what an impact a doula could make during the labor process until this experience! There has been so much value in having Haley by my side (and back lol) for the delivery of my sweet baby. I was able to accomplish the natural birth that I was aiming for, only with Haley’s help! I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for the support of a doula!"

Angela G.

"Haley was such a pleasure to work with! She had thought of so many things I wanted in my birth experience that I didn't even know were options at the beginning. She was there for midwife appointments and ultrasounds and went above and beyond to be a part of my birthing experience and make me fully comfortable throughout my pregnancy! Thank you so much Haley for being the fabulous, loving, and caring person you are!

Kelsie S.

"Haley is an amazing doula and an incredible person. She is calm and caring when she needs to be, as in labor, but excited and passionate about your birth experience before and after. She goes above and beyond to make sure you feel as ready as you can be and afterwards stands by you during the healing process.  I went through a rather long and arduous labor [2 full days] and everything I had hoped to happen slowly fell apart. Birth is not something you can plan. I did my best to have a natural birth, but baby just wasn't coming down in the canal as he should. I want to say "I couldn't have done it without her, " but in all reality once your on that train you cannot just hop off. However, I can say this, as traumatic as my birth experience was, I know that I would be in a really dark place if it wasn't for Haley. She was ☆literally☆ my light, everything I needed and more. She was never overbearing, but she was by my side every minute. My beautiful baby boy was even born on her daughters 3rd birthday. She never left my side."

Jillian M.

"From the moment I met Haley I felt an instant connection with her! Having Haley was invaluable during our journey. From all my pre labor questions, to supporting me through weeks of false labor and then for a lengthy labor and post partum. Not only was she supportive to me, my husband felt super supported as well especially when he needed a break or when I became “agitated”. Having a doula is a great investment and Haley clearly loves what she does! So thankful for having her along side us through the whole process."

Katelyn D.